A Colorful Set fo Tree Ring Paintings by Tracy MElton

Image of A Colorful Set fo Tree Ring Paintings by Tracy MElton

"Tree Ring Paintings"

Bring nature home with wood wall art by Tracy Melton. These standing dead Elm trees were cut down with a chainsaw, hauled out of the woods, sliced on the bandsaw, sanded, and meticulously painted by hand using a banding wheel. Each painting has wonderful wood grain and is unique.

- Each wood slice is signed on the back.

- Acrylic paint live edge Elm trees.

- Gloss poly finish

- Hang on a nail or screw with hole predrilled in the back of each painting.


Each Wood slice measure 5.5"-6.5" inches in diameter X 2.5" inches deep.

Handling and Shipping Time-

Please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery time. We ship USPS priority mail as often as possible so we can get you your artwork quickly.

Custom Orders

Would you like a custom order??? We love to do custom orders! We can paint from any color palette you have in mind!
Just send us an etsy conversation and we can discuss what you are wanting. We will create a custom listing with your name on it for purchase.